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  • Have you ever wanted to read, in plain and simple language, what is written in the various scriptures of Hinduism?

  • Have you ever questioned any of your beliefs or your faith in God?

  • Did you ever want to know what Hinduism is all about but did not know where to start or whom to ask?

  • Is your knowledge of Hinduism limited to what your parents or teachers have taught you?

  • Who were our Aryan ancestors? Where did they come from?

  • Where do our religious superstitions originate?

  • What do the scriptures really say about the second coming of Krishna?

  • Do you know how much sex there is in the Puranas?

  • Have you any idea about what is written in the sacred Vedas?

  • The laws of Manu were written by the first man who walked the earth, right? The laws come from God, right? Wrong!

  • You would happily swear by the Gita, no? When was it written? Why was it written? Who wrote it? What’s written in it?

  • What is Hindutva? How is it linked to Hinduism?

  • When did the events of the Ramayana & Mahabharata really take place?

  • Was Rama God? Who was Hanuman? Is the Ramayana real or is it just a myth?

  • Was the Mahabharata truly the first world war?

  • Did you know that Buddhism was India’s main religion for over 600 years? Before the Brahmins retook control?

  • How was caste created? How do caste injustices go hand in hand with religion?

  • Who was the Sai Baba of Shirdi?

  • What is the meaning of the word Aum? Who invented it? The universe? Does it mean anything at all?

  • Did our Aryan gods live in sumptuous marble palaces? Or did they live in huts made of clay and wood?

  • Did Krishna really recite the Gita? Or were words put into his mouth by persons with nefarious caste agendas in mind?

  • Why should women be banned from entering temples during menstruation?

  • What is Vedanta?

  • Why do we fast on Ekadashi?

  • Have you any idea how the Jyotirlinga temples became so famous?

  • What is Hinduism’s view of creation?

  • Is religion a benign force? Or is there something pernicious behind it?

  • Why do the writers of later scriptures steer us away from the Vedas? What are they trying to hide?


Aum Beep Beep will answer all these questions- and many more.



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